Trumpet Cases Buying Guide

With the invention of the different varieties of the trumpet cases will makes difficult for you to choose about which one is the best trumpet casing to safe guard the instrument. Don’t worry! I’m here to help you in providing the best consideration factors through this article before buying the best suited trumpet case.


If you want to shop for the best trumpet case purchase, you should first make some research about the types and specifications involved in different branded trumpet cases. There are tremendous number of trumpet cases which makes you difficult to take a smart decision on purchasing the best suited case for your trumpet so that I have narrated some of the detailed factors to be considered before your purchase.

Factors To Be Considered While Buying The Best Trumpet Case

Normally the trumpet case is good for safe guarding the quality of trumpet within the perfect casing such that it enable the user to keep their own trumpet look like a new one and safe guard the trumpet against scratches and other fading factors.

Take some minute to read the down mentioned buying tips or factors before going to purchase your trumpet case. Before get started for purchasing, it is must for you to decide between the hard type of trumpet casing and soft type of trumpet casing.

While both of the casings offer a protection against your trumpet, the hard trumpet casing is sturdy in construction when compared to that of the soft trumpet casing. It is necessary to make note on the protection ranging offered and designed in the trumpet casing you are going to purchase.

The padding implemented inside the shoulder strap should be soft enough to provide proper gripping effect and does not create any kind of stress factor while holding on the trumpet casing for convenient carrying. If you are equipped with the fashionable trends, then gig bag trumpet case or the soft sided trumpet case is preferable one.

It is not only used for its stylish outlook but also it consists of specialized features of comfortable usage, variable designs and qualities such as rugged ballistic nylon exterior, black powder hardware coating, thick padding, convenient shoulder strap and roomy pockets.

While purchasing the trumpet cases, it is most important to verify the quality of the material used for manufacturing the trumpet cases. The nylon featured trumpet cases are better to offer high protection against water, abrasion resistant and other worst type of weather conditions such that it worth for a long duration term.

The spacious feature is one of the most important factors to note down. You must want to consider the space designed in the trumpet cases and if you want more space to store more than one trumpet, then it is highly suggested for you to choose the double casing for storing your trumpets.

In order to keep your trumpet with a new look even after a several years, you want to make ensure about the perfect shaping cases to fit your trumpet out from the damages caused during the travelling. If you want high protective casing, then you need to consider the weight of the casing.

If the weight of the trumpet cases is larger in range, then it causes severe damage to your trumpets which are affixed within your trumpet case. So carefully choose the less weight featured trumpet casing before your purchase.

From the above mentioned guided tips and purchasing ethics in buying the best suited trumpet case, it is well proved with the added facility and quality of trumpet casing to affix your trumpet in a perfect manner. I do hope that you will surely benefited with the tips highlighted in this article and if you feel that anything else is missing out from this article, please do share your ideas in the comment box.

Trumpet Cleaning

After purchasing the trumpet, you should spend some time to clean your trumpet. Because cleaning the trumpet is considered as the most important part of routine maintenance. On maintaining the trumpet in a good way, it works properly. The cleaning of trumpet won’t take much time to clean it. The users can complete the job of cleaning the trumpet within a few hours. So the users no need to take too much effort to implement the process of cleaning.


The trumpet cleaning should be done regularly to keep it safe. But at the time of cleaning the trumpet, you should handle it very carefully. If the user is not having enough knowledge about how to implement the process of cleaning of trumpet, you just go through the below review of trumpet cleaning.

Items Needed To Clean The Trumpet-Trumpet Cleaning

It includes slide grease, mouthpiece brush, shake brush, valve oil and cleaning cloth.

How To Store The Trumpet?

You should select one suitable place to store the trumpet. As the size of the trumpet is small, it needs only small place. It won’t occupy more space in the room. Many of them are handy and  the users can  keep it inside the pocket without any difficulty. In case if the trumpet is not in the working condition, you should keep close in its case which helps to protect the device from the damage.

The important thing to note is that you should store the trumpet away from the direct sunlight and from the heat sources which may cause damage to the components of the trumpet. Not to store the trumpet near the flames or the materials that easily catches fire.

How To Maintain The Trumpet?

When you play the trumpet, it collects the moisture from the warm air which is coming out from the mouth of the user. After every play, you should clean this moisture which is present inside the trumpet. Otherwise, it may lead to cause various problems.

Once played, open the water keys and blow a steady stream of air through the instrument to blow the water out from the trumpet. While opening the third valve key, you should press down this third valve. The outside portion of the trumpet needs to b wiped off with the soft cloth to remove the fingerprints which help to prevent in tarnishing the device and therefore, it will work in a proper manner. These steps need to be followed daily to prevent the damages of the trumpet.

How To Clean The Trumpet?

First of all, while doing the trumpet cleaning, you should disassemble the parts of the trumpet by removing its valves and keep it one separate place. Next, you have to remove the slides including the main tuning slides. While removing the slides, you need to be very careful. If it gets a stick, you should never force them. Otherwise, you may use some other tools or pliers to remove it. Finally, remove the screws, bottom valve caps, clip-on pencil holders, etc.

After removing all the parts of the trumpet, you should start the process of cleaning. Immerse the trumpet inside the water and then pull the brass saver brush through the tubing. Next, you should carefully rinse them with the fresh water to remove the soap residues and then dry it. At last, wiped off with the soft towel.

Before reinserting the slides, you should apply some of the grease on it. After re-assembling the parts, you should clean the valves of the trumpet. You can use the dish soap and running water to clean it. You should notice that the top part of the valve won’t gets wet.

Make sure that all the soap residues are removed from the valves and should not dry the valves.  On drying, the small traces of lint may be formed on the surface of the trumpet which slows down the performance of the device. You need to apply some amount of oil on the valve and placed them in a proper place.

From the above points, we believed that they are very useful to you in collecting the information about the trumpet cleaning. You should follow the above procedures to keep your trumpet safe. Otherwise, the performance of the trumpet may get slow down which produces some damages to it. If you feel, that we had missed some of the points in cleaning the trumpet, you can write to us through social networking. We will consider those points in the next upcoming article.

Trumpet Mouthpiece Selection Guide

A musical instrument like trumpets, trombones, and other brass instruments are played with the help of air from mouth. These devices require mouthpiece for the constant and effective flow of air. So before playing trumpet, the musician should follow trumpet mouthpiece selection guide for high-quality performance.


The mouthpiece is a small device that is found commonly in brass musical instruments. The lips of the musician are placed on the mouthpiece so that the mouthpiece acts as a path for the air from the musician to reach the valves of the trumpet. Hence the musician should select a high-quality mouthpiece without any disadvantages and drawbacks.


The mouthpiece is made up of brass or plastic and it acts as a part of the musical instrument where the lips of the musician are placed. The design of the mouthpiece is very simple; it is a single circular cavity that leads to a conical cavity, from the conical cavity the air is pushed into the surfaces of the device. Generally, the mouthpieces of trumpets are semi-spherical in nature.

Types Of Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece can be classified into various types based on the type of material and on the type of coating.  Based on the type of material the trumpets can be classified into, brass mouthpiece and plastic mouthpiece. In the recent days, there are several other materials used for making trumpets mouthpiece, they are stainless steel, titanium, and wood.

The classification based on the type of coating in the mouthpiece is the silver coated mouthpiece and gold plated mouthpieces. The silver plated mouthpieces are cheaper, whereas the gold plated mouthpieces offer richer sound quality to the users.

Parts Of The Mouthpiece

Before moving to the selection guide, the musician should know about various parts of the mouthpiece. The trumpet mouthpiece has 8 major parts and these parts should be designed properly with effective performance.

Various parts of the trumpet mouthpiece and the features for trumpets are listed below.

  1. Inner rim diameter – larger rim diameter offers rich sound quality and smaller diameter offers a high range.
  2. Rim width – wider rim width is commonly used in trumpets because they reduce pressure within the lips.
  3. Rim contour – flat rim contour should be used for trumpets as they provide flexibility.
  4. Rim Edge – sharper rim edges offers control in the trumpets.
  5. Cup – the semi-spherical core cups are commonly used in the trumpets.
  6. Throat – either sharper throat contour or round contour is preferred for trumpets.
  7. Backbore – cylindrical and conical types of backbores are used for performance
  8. Shank- it is the region where the lips are placed.

Tips For Trumpet Mouthpiece Selection

The trumpet mouthpiece selection purely depends on the needs of the user. The usage of mouthpiece differs with the types and design of the trumpet. The commonly recommended mouthpiece for the beginner is the mouthpiece with the horn. This mouthpiece helps them to develop their skill. Among, the mouthpieces, the one with 7C batch is recommended widely for all the trumpet uses.

While buying a used instrument, try to get a mouthpiece that matches the brand of the device, because this will offer higher performance to the users. If you are an advanced Trumpet player, then move to gold plated mouthpiece than the silver plated mouthpiece. Because the silver plated mouthpiece does not offer richer sound quality similar to that of the gold mouthpiece.

Tips For Buying A Used Mouthpiece

Mostly, the durability of the new mouthpiece is high compared to the used ones. But many people like to get a used mouthpiece because the performance offered by the used ones is high compared to unused ones. Various tips for buying the used mouthpiece are given below.

  1. Check the rim for any dents or scratches, if so avoid those mouthpieces.
  2. The plating of the mouthpieces should be proper.
  3. Check the durability of the shank.
  4. Clean the mouthpiece and find out the history of it for health reasons.

If all these reasons are satisfied, then the mouthpiece is durable and the musician can buy it effectively.

So select best trumpet mouthpiece and increase the performance of the device.

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Best Professional Trumpet

Are you searching for the best professional trumpet? Leave your worry. Just go through the below review and get some ideas about how to choose the best professional trumpet. It is provided with the advanced features which help in enhancing the performance of the device. Therefore, you should purchase the product which are being filled with the latest technologies.

Best Professional Trumpet

The most relevant thing is that you should examine the materials of the device which are being made of. As it is made of the durable materials, it stays for long time and won’t get damaged soon. To reduce your pressure, we are suggesting the top picks on professional trumpets.

Top Picks On Professional Trumpet

Here recommended certain products for you.

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet

It is designed to produce very good depth and color of the sound which gives in even intonation and response that gets needed by the professional persons. Therefore it helps to produce a rich sound quality with great projection. Furthermore, it is featured with the standard weigh body, #37 bell, and #25 mouth pipe which are made of silver. All the parts of the trumpet are made of the durable materials, which can be used for long periods of time.

The special thing to consider about the trumpet is that the nickel outer slides which are used to provide additional strength to monel piston and valves. As these pistons and valves are made of the durable materials, which won’t undergo rust very easily.

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius

Key Features: standard water key, monel piston, standard taper.

Pros: gives superior tone, stays long, easy to use.

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Roy Benson RBTR402S Bb Professional Trumpet

It is featured with the asymmetric tuning slide and bell which is used to produce better sound quality and aluminum valve stems which are used to give the better sound action. The lead pipes are made of gold brass and outer slides are made of nickel silver.

This trumpet consists of stainless steel pistons so that it won’t undergo corrosion very easily. As a result, it stays for long periods of time. Probably, it is considered as the best professional trumpet.

Roy Benson RBTR402S Bb Professional Trumpet

Roy Benson RBTR402S Bb Professional Trumpet

Key Features: silver plating, gold brass lead pipe, nickel silver out.

Pros: offers clear tone, stays long, gives quick action.

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Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet

It is provided with the wood shell black case which plays a significant role in preventing the wear and tear. Furthermore, it gives stylish and elegant look. As it is being equipped with the advanced features, it helps to provide outstanding intonation and amazing free blowing capabilities.

It suits for all musicians and for advanced amateurs. Hence, it is a versatile trumpet, it gives the bright and superior sound tone to the listeners.

Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet

Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet

Key Features: wood shell black case, hand-lapped nickel silver slide and valves.

Pros: offers superior sound quality, easy to use.

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Kanstul 700 Series Bb Trumpet 700-1 Lacquer

It is featured with the 460 inch bore and 4.8 inch bell which are used to provide excellent response and tone. It consists of very thick bell which helps to provide a rich core of sound and gives tremendous projection which gives live texture to the tone which is both brilliant warm.

As the weight of the bell is seemed to be very light, that is used to respond quickly and gives a bright and lively sound. It suits for strong and long time players and used for commercial and symphonic purposes. For this reason, it is considered as the best professional trumpet.

Kanstul 700 Series Bb Trumpet 700-1 Lacquer

Kanstul 700 Series Bb Trumpet 700 1 Lacquer

Key Features: Valve slide adjustment, hand hammered bell, simple operation.

Pros: gives clear sound, suits for strong and long time players.

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Zephyr 606S Deluxe Double-Braced Silver Trumpet

The special thing to consider about this trumpet is that it consists of monel pistons which is used to provide quick response and offers the great durability to the device. The appearance of the trumpet had enhanced by the octagonal receiver and gold plated piston caps.

Hence the pressure formed which results in producing less turbulence, smooth air flow which helps to produce excellent scale and reduce the resistance. As a result, it gives a very bright and clear sound.

Zephyr 606S Deluxe Double-Braced Silver Trumpet

Zephyr 606S Deluxe Double Braced Silver Trumpet

Key Features: adjustable valve slide ring, adjusting tuning slide, lightweight.

Pros: produces efficient tone, offers quick response, durable product.

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From the above points, you can get some of the information about how to select the best ones on professional trumpet. You can purchase the one from the above listed products. Otherwise, made some search and find out the better trumpet which satisfies your needs. If you feel that we had missed some of the products, you can write to us. We will consider those points in the next upcoming review.

Best Trumpet Brands

Are you confused in finding the best rated trumpet brands with the random research of different brands separately? I’m here to help you for choosing the best rated trumpet brand that suits well to meet all your musical requirements. There are several numbers of trumpet manufacturers such that they gains popularity and constant reputations for developing high quality products.


With the several implementation of the high quality branded trumpets, it helps to improve the productivity in the musical instrument business by means of delivering excellent quality under less affording investments. In order to avoid confusion about different trumpet brands, I have highlighted some of the top rated trumpet brands in this article for your quick reference.

List Of Best Trumpet Brands

My aim is to help you in choosing the best trumpet brands with the technical details about the trumpet brand features instead of simply providing a set of unwanted data at you. It is a smart decision to buy the perfect trumpet made by the well known branded manufacturers such as Getzen, Yamaha, Conn, Kanstul, Giardinelli, King, Bach etc. Take a look down to read and get more detailed information about the mentioned top rated trumpet brands.


The Getzen trumpet brand is one of the top branded products that are mostly used by the professionals and students. The Getzen 900S Eterna Classic is the professional branded trumpet that serves with the best quality sound and the nickel plated valves are worked as butter slicking.

This model is further remodeled as Getzen 900 Eterna Severinsen which is considered as the vintage trumpet model for its outstanding innovation and struggle free blowing functionality.

The Getzen 390 is well known hand crafting high quality student trumpet to provide the high performance quality for the efficient learning of student level beginners. It is durable and free blowing in construction such that it is much responsive for easy learning.

The Getzen 590S-S Capri trumpet is well known for its legendary silk smoothing valves to provide the professional like sounding. This intermediate Getzen trumpet is versatile in design to be used in jazz bands, ceremonial marching and concerts.


The Yamaha trumpet brand series are well qualified with the advanced and innovative features to benefit the users. The Yamaha YTR8310Z Bobby Shew series is a lightweight professional trumpet that is versatile and great lead in design quality. This Yamaha series is very efficient in blowing the perfect musical sound such that it does not allow the user to bust chops for instrument playing.

The Yamaha YTR8335RGS Xeno series tends to offer the professional musicians a higher response in sounding action thereby provides the smooth instrument playing. The Yamaha Xeno yields fabulous sound quality to work over from classical to jazz.

The Yamaha YTR2335 trumpet is one of the most popular student trumpets such that it gains its popularity due to its consistency and designed sound quality features. It is also preferred sometimes as a professional trumpet instrument.


The Bach is the best selling manufacturer of different series of trumpets which is awarded as the one of the brand in the top rated trumpet brands list. The Bach 180S37 Stradivarius is used in more symphonies playing when compared to other trumpet brands. This professional type of Bach series is used to output the brilliant quality sounding effect.

Bach TR200 intermediate trumpet is one of the best sound quality trumpet products which are highly equipped with the quick responsive mode of sound toning and fabulous musical projection. It is also a smart choice to be used by the students for quick and easy learning.


The Jupiter JTR 700 series is one of the best quality equipped student trumpet with smooth lining, high dynamic range of intonation and excellent buildup. This Jupiter series is one of the top rated branded trumpets which is free blowing sound qualified with focused and fine tuning facility.


Among the Conn trumpet brand products, the Conn 52BSP Constellation trumpet is rated with high values. Conn 52BSP trumpet is a well qualified intermediate trumpet product which tends to meet the requirements involved in the intermediate type of musical players. Though it is an intermediate type of trumpet brand, but it offers the sounding output equal to that of the professional sounding within the less expensive investment.


The Kanstul 1000 series is one of the top rated professional trumpets which are most preferable due to its accurate projection and fine tuning functionality. Its brilliant outlook texture attracts most of the consumers to purchase this product. This Kanstul 1000 trumpet is chosen because of its free blowing ability to result the high quality sound.


The Giardinelli is well known in developing the innovative branded product. The Giardinelli GTR 512 series from the Giardinelli brand is used for professional usage such that it does not cost much effective to invest. This traditional type of Giardinelli brand is very much responsive to provide the fine sound tuning.


The King 2055 Silver Flair trumpet series is the best intermediate trumpet for easy musical playing of different styles. This light weight high quality king trumpet series is easy to carry for high schools, colleges and other commercial places.

From the above mentioned best and top rated trumpet brands and their product series, I hope you may acquire more detailed information about each trumpet brands before choosing the best trumpet for purchase.